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These wealthy people don’t want Trump because they aren’t christofascists, but they don’t want Biden because he was starting to get into trust busting.

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You’re just being purposely obtuse. If you see that she already has a commanding lead before the first vote is cast then you might just not vote if you prefer someone else. Hillary was the DNC’s person and they did what they could to give her advantages.

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The race started with Hillary having a commanding lead because the superdelegates were allowed to pre vote. It was clearly intended to manipulate the voters. Let’s not feign ignorance.

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I don’t. She was predicted to be the weakest against Trump during the primaries.

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The delegates all predicated their votes to make it look like Hillary had already won before the elections even started

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I wish the democrats didn’t force her, the candidate that was predicted to be weakest against Trump and the only one likely to lose, through the primary with every trick they could. The democrats tried to skew and steer their own voters and we all lost because of it.

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No one says it about Andor though. Star Wars really is bad now. Your meme is saying that Star Wars is just as good as it ever was and we’re wrong for pointing out that it’s bad. But it is bad. And it didn’t used to be.

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I think he was trying to dump Tesla stock without making it look like he didn’t have faith in the company. His plan was always to say he was buying it. sell a bunch of Tesla stock. Back out of the Twitter deal and walk away with a ton of cash.

He tried to get out of it based on a bunch of bullshit and then was surprised when a judge actually forced him to buy Twitter.

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Vaccines didn’t exist 200 years ago, so why should we allow them today?

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This so government overreach. Let the teachers and school admin decide. There no need to get the state government involved.

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That’s interesting and all, but I don’t see how that helps their case that this challenged beauty standards. If anything, it reinforces beauty standards because she hated being ugly and was very happy to be made beautiful, and just about every person around her reinforced that.

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I don’t understand how making her ugly, having every character call her ugly, and then making her hot and having every character recognize she’s hot challenges beauty standards.

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