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I've been trying to find some better/original sources [1] [2] [3] and from what I can gather it's even worse. It's not even an upscaler of any kind, it apparently uses an NPU just to control clocks and fan speeds to reduce power draw, dropping FPS by ~10% in the process.

So yeah, I'm not really sure why they needed an NPU to figure out that running a GPU at its limit has always been wildly inefficient. Outside of getting that investor money of course.

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AI acceleration for 3d upscaling

Isn't that not only similar to, but exactly what DLSS already is? A neural network that upscales games?

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That, and there's a high likelyhood the only thing the unsubscribe button would do is giving the spammers the valuable information that this email address is actually in use.

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I see. That I can mostly agree with. I really don't like the temporal artifacts that come with TAA either, though it's not a deal-breaker for me if the game hides it well.

A few tidbits I'd like to note though:

they announce them way too early, so people are waiting like 2-3 years for it.

Agree. It's kind of insane how early some games are being announced in advance. That said, 2-3 years back then was the time it took for a game to get a sequel. Nowadays you often have to wait an entire console-cycle for a sequel to come out instead of getting a trilogy of games on during one.

Games shouldn’t be relying on them and their trade-offs are not worth it

Which trade-offs are you alluding to? Assuming a halfway decent implementation, DLSS 2+ in particular often yields a better image quality than even native resolution with no visible artifacts, so I turn it on even if my GPU can handle a game just fine, even if just to save a few watts.

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The quality of games has dropped a lot, they make them fast

Isn't the public opinion that games take way too long to make nowadays? They certainly don't make them fast anymore.

As for the rest, I also can't really agree. IMO, graphics have taken a huge jump in recent years, even outside of RT. Lighting, texture quality shaders, as well as object density and variety have been getting a noticeable bump. Other than the occasional dud and awful shader compilation stutter that has plagued many PC games over the last few years (but is getting more awareness now) I'd argue that game performance is pretty good for most games right now.

That's why I see techniques like DLSS/FSR/XeSS/TSR not as crutch, but as just as one of the dozen other rendering shortcuts game engines have accumulated over the years. That said, it's not often we see a new technique deliver such a big performance boost while having almost no visual impact.

Also, who decided that 'we' would rather have games looking like Skyrim? While I do like high FPS very much, I also do like shiny graphics with all the bells and whistles. A Game like 'The Talos Principle 2' for example does hammer the GPU quite a bit on its highest settings, but it certainly delivers in the graphics department. So much so that I've probably spent as much time admiring the highly detailed environments as I did actually solving the puzzles.

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(like do I seriously need No Man’s Sky installed all the time for the once every three months that I play it?)

That sound's like the data is in semi-regular use at least. For me it's more like "Do I seriously need the sequel installed for that other game I haven't even started yet, but am definitely going to start any day now, after years of having it installed?".

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And Linux will slowly turn into Windows.

Some distros maybe, but I'd say that instead we'd quickly have another golden era of malware.

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All it takes is an App that you”trust” to break that trust

I get what you're trying to say, but that's something I'd classify as "compromised" as well.

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Some sites like this one won't link their RSS feeds directly anymore but still surfaces it through metadata in the HTML code, so just adding the regular URL of the blog to a proper RSS-Reader shoul just worked. Otherwise a browser extension that displays the embedded Feeds on the current page should work as well.

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One thing that might really help would be Valve releasing an official version of SteamOS to the public. It would hopefully get us more handhelds running SteamOS natively and people switching their PCs, particularly if they can release it before the Win10 EOL date.

Sure, projects like Bazzite exist, but I don't think those have enough reach beyond the people already running some form of Linux.

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From my experience there's this weird subset of people who don't like newer Windows versions, which is fair enough, but instead of learning to modify those or learning Linux, they believe they can turn back time, which isn't something you can just do when connecting it to the ever forward-marching internet.

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Yup. I've never done anything besides installing NVIDIA drivers. Just switching the cable of the secondary monitor to the motherboard ports and it just worked. No reboot even, just making sure that adaptive sync is enabled in KDE or wherever.

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Currently I'm using Joplin with Syncthing-backed file system synchronization. I'm pretty pleased with it, as I do like tagging- and Markdown-based systems.

I plan to upgrade to server-based synchronization, but before doing that, however, I wanted to see what other people are using.

Edit: So far I see a slight favor towards Joplin and Logseq, but I totally didn't expect (and appreciate) getting so many different answers.

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