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Yeah of course industries will collapse. 100 car factories will close, 5 superyacht factories will open, tying up the same amount of productivity. Owned by the same guy.

There will be tons of spacecraft launchpads, private jet hangars, etc.

And wars of course.

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The rich will keep trading with each other. Look at housing for an example.

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The rich. Companies will stop targeting products to wider and wider swathes of people, just like nobody caters to the homeless now.

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Trump got shot at a rally, very minor injuries, would be assassin dead

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Schutzstaffel, as in protective service would probably be a better description of what they actually do I guess

Secret service better fits sg like the CIA

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All the other crazyness does not make this normal.

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I had to do a double take on that abbreviation

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I saw it after the whole Trump news came out, thought shit was going to go down

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The extreme right gained some seats, but they are very far from winning an election. They actually underperformed expectations and are actively losing ground eg. in France or the NL. Even Orbán's regime seems to have found a challenger.

The fight is not over yet, but this election has been very far from a far right win.

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Do we really need more hero shooters?

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Isn't the whole genocide and people's reactions to it political?

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Went past 40 in some of the least well off places in Hungary


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On Tuesday, after weeks of attacking Orbán online and in public, Magyar released a tape of his ex-wife Varga apparently incriminating members of Orbán’s inner circle in a corruption scandal.

Magyar claims the two-minute recording, taped last year, proves that Orbán’s powerful Cabinet chief Antal Rogán tampered with documents related to a sprawling corruption dispute involving Pál Völner, a former state secretary in the justice ministry when Varga was minister. Völner resigned in 2021 after prosecutors accused him of taking bribes.

The sensational release of the tape — which Magyar presented to the prosecutor’s office in Budapest before a sea of cameras Tuesday — is the latest twist in a drama that has transfixed Hungary and provided a rare moment of dissent against Orbán’s iron grip on the country’s political system.



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The EU froze funding for Hungary over undemocratic behaviour, but EU lawmakers say the European Commission released funds anyway, despite no changes in Hungary. The decision will be investigated by the EU's highest court

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I mean the instance says all are welcome, and I welcome you guys from over there in Michigan, I'm just wondering what led to the creation of this community about this town in the US on a Dutch instance.

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