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In my experience flask is great until it isn't - I've seen quite a few projects which outgrew it, and the lack of django's batteries and guard rails left a maintenance nightmare. Not sure if it'll be helpful, but as a result I wrote nanodjango, which lets you write a django site in a single file, then convert it to a full project if you outgrow it.


DEFNA: Django Events Foundation North America

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Hey Ulrik, apologies for not responding sooner.

I'm more than happy to talk about adding one (or more!) mods for any of the communities I mod for right now, including c/python. I have at least one person in mind, who has been pretty active both in c/python and c/django. I'd also like to talk more about mod expectations, particularly with regard to reported posts/comments.

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That's the way I read the proposal, which I definitely like.


I ran across this while looking for tools to provide something like the raw_id_fields widget in Django's list admin view. This post is a few years old at this point, but I think the solution it contains still works pretty well (caveat: I haven't tried it yet).

I also enjoyed the author's take on the conversation with support. I can definitely relate to that.

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Not sure about ancestors, but Dwight Eisenhower is a very, very distant cousin.

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I haven't had a chance to look yet, but I'm using a pretty similar stack at, although with React instead of Nuxt/Vue. I definitely love using Docker, at least as a dev platform, because of the way it evens the field across OS's and makes it easy to onboard new contributors. Will definitely take a closer look when I get more time.

Buuut ... I do mod the [email protected] community, which you might be interested in checking out. There's also the [email protected], which is also worth checking out.

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Reading the docs and I'm a little disappointed to see that disabling telemetry is opt-in: https://bruin-data.github.io/ingestr/getting-started/telemetry.html#disabling-telemetry.

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Thanks, I appreciate the reply and openness to doing things besides just video.

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Do you have a written version?

I really dislike having to watch an entire video to catch the one bit of useful information. I wish I had the time to watch entire videos, but honestly, I don't. On top of that, my brain has often wandered off well before I get to the interesting bit.

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Love it. Thanks for the improvement!

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There's a brake pedal, but it's almost never needed (and if it is, it's always been because of me being stupid). Releasing the accelerator engages the regenerative breaking, up to and including coming to a stop. I love it and don't ever want to go back.

Having said that, I have had zero problem adapting back to normal breaking in my wife's car (ICE) when I need to drive it for some reason.

I really don't understand people that complain about the 1-pedal driving.

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Looking at the docs, it looks like it's an instance of ID3Tags, which appears to be based on couple of helper classes mutagen._util.DictProxy and mutagen._tags.Tags, where DictProxy (and its base DictMixin) provides the dict-like interface. Underneath that, it looks like it's storing the actual values in a simple dict (DictProxy.__dict) and proxying to that.

I'm not seeing anything obvious that would muck with the incoming lookup key anywhere in ID3Tags or DictProxy.__getitem__ or any of the other base classes.

I have to jump off to pack for a trip, but might try this out later in a live shell session to see if there's something odd going on with the API.

In the meantime, OP, are you positive you were looking at the same file each time? Was this in a script or in a live Python shell session?

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I don't have much to say besides, good job. We all believe in you.

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