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It is the veganarchy symbol

I hate misses (vegantheoryclub.org)
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I can definitely recommend that one, I do that all the time. I really like chickpeas paired with sweet potatoes.

I make this recipe once a week https://theplantbasedschool.com/lentil-pasta/

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Fuck off for downvoting my food pics. Block the instance. Stop spamming my server with downvotes because you have a shit attitude. If you don't like the content ignore it.

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Bootlicker buzzkill

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That piece of shit cop that is "trying to fix things from within" would kill you or someone else innocent in one second if it helped them in any way.


I'm not really in favor of packaged food or fast food tbh but good video lol

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ACAB (vegantheoryclub.org)
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Back in my day there were no bong stores we had to use what we had to get high

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