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I use capitalised pronouns.

Fixed, my B.

I think I understand where You're coming from, I just don't fully agree that there is no objective reality. Objective reality happens with or without me. If I were to die tomorrow, objective reality would continue to happen whether or not I'm there to experience it. If I were to become brain dead but my body continued to work, nerve endings and biological responses would continue to process reality as it happens to "me".

I do vibe more with the idea that something like consensus reality is bullshit however.

Above all I have mad respect for You and what You're bringing, It's just not for me.

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We should be arguing that white supremacists’ dehumanisation is a choice, a choice to be evil, not an inevitable reality.

So then would You say that the choice is not 'seeing others as human', but rather 'denying other's humanity'?

Admittedly I have a tenuous grasp on Soulism as an ideology so far, as my only real exposure to it has been through a very confrontational individual. I do feel like I agree with most of what I do understand of Soulism. The thing is I don't fully get the idea of denying what You call reality versus, for example, recognizing that certain things enforced by those in power and popular society are simply social constructs (i.e. the gender binary and racial science and relations) and as such may be, and should be, torn down or dismantled but do exist as an actual tangible threat to those who are marginalized by said social constructs.

Basically what i'm asking is: Is Your stance of "denying reality" a way to circumvent and fight back or even simply exist without acknowledging or giving power to (playing around as opposed to playing within the rules of) oppressive socially constructed systems?

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Proposal: either smoosh them together (eg: ella / loas)

As neat as that'd be, ella ([ɛlə] not [ɛjə]) was already a word and got shortened to la.

As in ella agua, ella manzana, ella persona.

Not to say we can't repurpose things, but it was already a preexisting feminine word.

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i would kill for an ev converted miata na or countache.

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We soulists are allies of otherkin, because we do not recognise the reality of humanity as true, and we know that seeing others as human is a choice.

I get the intention, and the intentions of soulism are noble for sure, but there's no way this belief among others will turn out good.

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That one video of the beer girls at the ren faire serving another woman but with chipotle

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Heya! Do you mind marking this nsfw? Thank you!

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/uj I'm eagerly awaiting to see the kind of bedfellows you attract with this comm, assuming it doesn't get taken down for being instigatory first.

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we do a little reappropriation

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No idea who this is, but I find this is a very common reaction and a big reason why I try not to interact too much in spaces that don't make it absolutely crystal fucking clear that they're queer friendly.

Usually that means I have to stick to lesbian or bisexual majority spaces and trans spaces, but very very rarely i find cishet spaces that are genuinely welcoming.

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Ah I see what you mean. So yeah you're planning on purely maintaining a baseline.

The voices (
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Tennessee has recently passed a bill, effective July 1st 2024, declaring it a class-C felony to "recruit, harbor, or transport an unemancipated minor within this state" for transgender healthcare procedures, carrying a sentence of 3-15 years in prison. This applies over state lines and states that do not have anti-extradition laws relating to trans rights can extradite you to Tennessee.

Notably: the bill is vague. This means: telling stories of your own transition, describing your healthcare experiences to an open group chat, describing your trans experiences on a public website, creating trans health guides online, describing how you have gotten DIY HRT, describing anything to do with trans healthcare, even as a cis person, can result in a class-C felony conviction.

Given that being arrested in any capacity for transgender people can be an incredibly dangerous experience (CW: SV), I strongly suggest you begin caring about opsec, stop referring to where you live, use VPNs, stop using apps like Discord, and stop using social media sites that track your IP or user agent fingerprint while unprotected. Remember that for a bill like this to be challenged in court, you have to be arrested first.

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