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There are plenty of other examples, I didn't actually check whether the one you linked was wired, Bluetooth or both.

This one is Bluetooth for £75

Tkl Wired for £54

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Keyboards can be very personal, and what you look for will be vastly different to other people. For example your example looks fucking awful to me. TKL all the way, as the arrow keys on a 75% are mashed in with the other keys so its like some sort of shitty laptop keyboard. My wife refuses to use one that's not full sized as she uses the ten keypad all the time for work.

But since you posted here I assume you care what other people think, so here is my opinion.

You've posted in UK mechanical keyboards and unfortunately this is not ISO, so the layout is missing keys.

If you have your heart set of 75%, them what about a Keychron?

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It is also the OS.

Windows doesn't let you have a Steam Deck experience because its against the ToS. Once you don't care about the user experience, why would you care about the HID?

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So let me understand the proposal. We merge MP regions so each Labour/Tory candidate is running against their respective Labour/Tory candidate in another region in addition to the opposition in their opponent's in their existing constituency?

I assume the purpose of this system is it allows an independent to capture votes from multiple areas, so fringe groups will get minor representation instead of the least popular candidate from the major parties?

[Edit] And if you only have a candidate in your area for your favourite party doesn't tow the line and is marginally racist, you can vote for another candidate for that party that fits your taste?

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Glad you enjoyed the suggestion!

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I could probably be able to do once every 3 weeks, but that's because there are four of us here.

I may be able to do every 6 weeks once the teenagers move out.

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Once a month will impact those that do recycle everything they can. That's quite a wait between collections.

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Everything that goes into my black bins is non-recyclable. That's why it goes into black bins.

I don't want to buy things that are non-recyclable but I can't buy shampoo containers that aren't plastic. I can't buy meat in foil trays. I can't buy toothpaste in metal tubes.

These are things I have no choice over, and moving to monthly black bins won't fix that. Can't the government set targets for the companies selling these things, it feels like trying to get the tail to wag the dog here.

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Well, they claim that they haven't paid shareholders since 2017.

Although the Saudi parent company has been milking it and claiming that's not dividends. Ofwat doesn't seem convinced, but it might be important to note, that regular shareholders have been investing money and getting nothing back as its been laundered.

That's what it is, not dividends, so it must be laundering according to TW.

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Thames Water planning on fucking us over the most. But remember that Thames water haven't paid out a divided since the Aussie owners pillaged them and sold it to the Saudis.

In a very narrow definition of dividends that doesn't include paying out to the Saudis.

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We need Labour to put aside its refusal to work with other parties in the same way the French coalition did.

LibDems and Greens got more votes than Reform, and in 2015, 2017 and 2019 Labour and LibDems had a combined popular vote greater than the Tories although how that would shake out with FPTP is debatable.

People might consider LibDem to be further right than Labour, but their policies have always been pro-LGBT+, pro-green policies, pro-EU, pro-electorial reform, essentially the opposite of Reform.

[Edit] The cost of them not playing together will be far greater.

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I found ITX did, it did restrict my options however with my Ryzen 5 and RX6650 XT I can play everything at full detail and high resolutions. Linux is awesome with AMD hardware.


Pretty depressing reading.

[Edit] I had the archive link as a comment but this has gained enough traction that it's not obvious. Here it is again so you don't have to give FT any clicks


There are lots of things that can be put down to personal taste, however I can't let this abomination go.

I am referring to Branston Smooth.

Branston Smooth image

I love Branston Pickle, but I can't get on board with Branston paste. Is there a better example where a manufacturer made an updated version of a food that was objectively worse?

Plex for books? (
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I've picked up an eink Android tablet, which is awesome. However I have plenty of ebooks I've purchased over the years on places such as Humble, and I was wondering whether there was a self hosted solution like Plex/Emby/Jellyfin but designed for ebooks.

I've seen Calibre but it doesn't seem to be quite the same thing, and running a sync is a bit clunky for the spouse factor.

Is there anything that would index the books, show a bookshelf and allow me to read them, with offline support?

Preferably with an Android app for reading with, and the reader handling eink rather than scrolling.


While three armed and masked people robbed a check cashing business in Commerce City, someone else stole their getaway vehicle, police said.

Posting archive link as 9news blocks the UK.


In addition to BBC and ITV showing the matches, Netflix had been documenting the time between the 2023 and 2024 Six Nations.


Probably just me being a little grumpy after getting a phone call from Southern Water, but it feels a little unreasonable that I only get billed every 6 months (I can't make it more frequent), and they expect a random amount to be settled within the week.

I got a bill last week and I'm already recieving phone calls because I'm "late", even though it's only the first, since now it's payday I'll pay it but I'm not happy with the harassment.


A few games have been shown on the World Rugby website, but not via YouTube directly on their website, it's unclear why but does anyone know how to rewatch these matches if you missed them?


We will be visiting Manchester this coming weekend, and was wondering if there any locals here that might be able to suggest anything that might be quirky and fun to go and see?

For context, I have 13 and 8 year old daughters to try and keep interested so I want to mix a couple of things to keep them interested in with the things I want to do. I think doing a run around some of the vintage stores and the Pankhurst Centre could be good but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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