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if ads is your concern. revanced can take care of that

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you cannot stay on win10 forever though. deadline is approaching

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I am not American. But, the picture goes hard and it is pretty similar to him and the artist does a good job to portray him

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if you just uncheck the button. you don't need to Visit about:config

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Skype is suck nowadays. use Signal

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you can still use MAL with malsync browser extension and then you can get decent reviews you need

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similar JRPG school setting like Persona. looks interesting

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reminds me to EGS that does not want to be critized

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I am PIA User atm and my subscription will end next year. So, I am still undedcided between Mullvad or protonvpn

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I know ExplorePatcher and Startallback can stop ads on Start menu. is there any viable solution for this Settings app ad?

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It is possible with ublock origin or browser extension

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