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transgender identity* not transgenderism please. it's not an ideology, it's an identity.

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And could work too

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my friend ive been on beehaw since it launched. we dont care for scaling.

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thats really not the point of federation. the point of federation is consent. beehaw doesnt consent to being federated with it just makes sense.

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the sheer entitlement in this post

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there is one. backchodi. Its a hindu nationalist (and hence islamaphobic, racist, casteist, queerphobic instance)

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and how exactly is beehaw totalitarian? ive been very explicit in my language while using beehaw since it was a tiny miny server. is it perfect? oh hell no ive got a lot to say but totalitarian?

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you do realize that linux has very political basing in it, right? do you realize that politics is a structure of governance and hence everything the authority on linux has to say will eventually, if not automatically, affect the project?

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i dont think this was out of much calculation other than pure capitalist and/or fascistic instinct. and im talking more on saying "teehee look we arent fully bad, have some crumbs" after breaking legs

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didnt twitter try pulling something similar to this? (apart from ofc banning TPAs)


Suppose an insect's body gets upside down and their wings get attached to the surface due to water drops? What can a human do to help them without damaging their wings or body?


Decent study into official US claims about privacy


So I've started using Ublock Origin on my firefox on Ubuntu, and I noticed that it showed no blocked trackers on the webapp of discord. I'm well aware of the perils of using any service that doesnt support e2ee for private messaging and i hate discord for that and being corporate, But i was wondering how bad would it be for browsing communities on it given the supposed and seemingly "lack" of trackers detected for it.


I was wondering if steam deck's existence made linux gaming better for you folks who do not have a deck yet game on a linux machine, as im afraid it did nothing for me at all. I'm trying to see if its failure to influence my side of linux gaming is purely anecdotal.


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