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This is far too small and standard British working class to be a McMansion. I do love that sub though. There’s one on lemmy too: [email protected]

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I’ve only seen bows on chairs at wedding receptions. Not my taste for a wedding. Definitely not my taste for my dining room.

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It’s baffling isn’t it?! It looks like a decent sized space but it would be so depressing to sit in!

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Love, laugh, WASH.


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It’s a Christmas miracle! 😉

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I’m not very tech savvy, but I’m a mod of some fairly large communities hosted on Can someone ELI5 what, if anything, I need to do to keep my communities up? [email protected] is the one I’m most keen to keep going.

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Is that his real nose?! I’m not American and try to avoid watching or looking at him. It looks like his septum has worn away or something.

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Do you know what the sand from elafonissi beach (Crete) looks like under a microscope? It really does look pinky when you’re there, and I was told it was because of a certain type of seashell that made up the majority of the top sand. I was a kid though, definitely could have been lies.

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I thought this was c/justguysbeingdudes (or something like that) but I’m not sure it exists here. That was a great sub.

E: it does it exist! Dead but it doesn’t need to stay that way. I’ll cross post: [email protected]

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Thank you for that! It was really interesting and informative, I appreciate the time it took. I have a vague idea that civil litigation is pursued largely out of the principle of the matter, and that’s fine if you’re a billionaire suing for a dollar… but these women weren’t rich and no doubt incurred debt by having to move/go into hiding, when they did absolutely nothing wrong. I feel like they should get a couple of million right now - enough to clear their debts, pay off the house/car and have a long holiday. As scummy as those lenders sound, maybe that’s the best move for these claimants, especially the older one. I think I’d rather have a couple of mil now than fight (probably unsuccessfully) for £70m each over the next decade.

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Can anyone with experience/knowledge of these types of cases hazard a guess to how much the claimants might realistically receive and in what sort of timeframe?

And if Rudy doesn’t pay up in his lifetime, could the money be seized from probate?

Final one! If the claimants aren’t likely to see any money for a few years, are they at least able to secure loans against the ruling immediately?

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Is there a c/cursedcomments here yet?!

Wet wipe. (
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Zoom in to see mama and her 4? 5? 6? kittens!

Astonishing (
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