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From my understanding, this was extremely overblown. They apparently have a pretty standard privacy policy, and the concerning parts only applied where they legally had to- like China.

Pirate Software has a whole video where he goes through their privacy policy and talks about it. Personally, I trust that more than I trust Steam reviews and randoms on social media.

Frankly, I just kind of assume all Chinese games/devs are going to have privacy concerns and that disregarding your privacy is a requirement for engaging with them.

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I wouldn’t consider it worthwhile if I didn’t have an Xbox Series S though. If my main gaming device was a PC then I’d stick to being patient and waiting for sales.


I do the same thing you do, just on PC. What makes PC different, to you?

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It's worked out so far. I don't find counting lbs to make sure you're under a weight limit fun, but I also don't want people carrying around 5000lb of random shit. This has been my solution.

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We don't have encumbrance until you make me give you encumbrance. That's how it works.

You get encumbrance quick lol

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I remember in school people would say something loudly- neck check? or redneck check? I'm really not sure- and then slap you on the back of the neck. The assumption was that if you had a sunburned neck it'd hurt. I can't remember why the hell it was done, just that it was.

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Yes! With 1000hrs in Terraria, I agree. Terraria is a must-try. It might not click with you, but if it does...

As for SDV- I'd like to add that I very specifically do not like multiplayer. A large part of the fun of it, to me, is being able to play at my own pace. Having to set that pace with someone else isn't enjoyable to me. Not that there's anything wrong with enjoying multiplayer, I just don't want anyone to think that there's a 'proper' way to play the game. There's not- you do you. The only exception is choosing jojamart. That is objectively wrong.

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I grabbed Graveyard Keeper and I'm enjoying the hell out of it ~15hrs later. It's kind of like if Stardew Valley dropped the focus on farming and the characters and instead added a tech tree and a very satirical dark-vibe.

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Why would they even bother to shut down the wave pool because of that? Fish the thing out, keep going.

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A lot of games try to open with a character death and fail because they don't really give you a reason to care about the character. The perspective swap in The Last Of Us's intro is absolutely amazing for that exact reason- it's hard not to empathize with someone when you've literally been in their shoes for a bit.

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Absolutely not- you can just play TW2 which is significantly less dated than TW1, or just skip directly to TW3. Maybe watch a recap of the first two games if you do that, though.

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I really gotta play Life Is Strange. I started playing it a looong time ago but didn't get very far into it at all before I put it down- I don't honestly remember why.

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God, that game is so good.


I've been out for quite awhile- I think since shortly after Deimos and the cambion drift got added but honestly I'm not sure exactly when I stopped playing.

Any new guns/frames I should be trying to grab in particular? Any massive shifts in how things are modded? New quests that are worth doing?

I was trying to unlock Steel Path, but I realized I need to do New War first. So now I'm currently trying to get all the various stuff I need to craft a Voidrig.


I'm going to be starting a pretty short campaign here soon. I've mostly got the plot figured out, and when I was helping a player with character creation they asked if there was a good patron for their Warlock character. My initial thought was, "well the BBEG would be interesting."

The players are just exploring a ruined castle/island that's been twisted and it's inhabitants warped due to exposure to a great old one- they're trying to solve the problem and make the place habitable again.

The warlock's patron is the BBEG, an eldritch god trying to force his way onto their plane. He's currently held out of the plane by a magical seal that can't be broken by him or any of his servants. So the Warlock player needs to- subtly- get the party all the way to the seal and manipulate them into breaking it. I did this specifically to avoid him murder hoboing his party members. They have different goals, but they still need each other.

If this goes badly, I figure the worst case scenario is that he gets slapped by the other 5 party members. So I've asked him to have at least an idea for a second character.

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I'm looking into buying a premium to grind German ground(and German air but I'm pretty settled on the Ju-288C for that.) And the RU 251 seems like a decent choice.

My german lineup is only up to 5.3- I have the first proper Panther and the first Tiger so it'll be awhile before I have a lineup to back the RU 251 up.

After buying it I'll only have like 300 GE leftover, and pack vehicles aren't an option.


Personally I think if everything that's promised actually happens the game will be in a significantly better state.

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