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Half an hour of troubleshooting a user who said they couldn't reach their file share on their network. They didn't have access to the internet... They didn't have access to anything else on the network... Switch under their desk indicated not connecting to the rest of the network. Asked if they would go to the server closet, they said they couldn't, because an overzealous wrecking ball went through that closet this morning. Not even joking...it was to take down the neighboring building which was being knocked down for being a code violation for being too close to my client's building.

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Thank goodness they don't have any more important or pressing issues going on at the moment

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I love Heliboard, but this is already giving me much better autocorrect, I'm not finding myself actively avoiding typing from my phone now, so it's a win to me

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To piggy-back off of this, it's not entirely uncommon to create another directory at root in enterprise environments, using /data or /application That said, I only do that for enterprise, for my personal computer, my distro defaulted to auto-mounting to a directory for each drive inside of /mnt, and I rather like that and intend to stick with it.

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Who hurt you that you're taking all of this as a personal attack?

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Especially in a paid service, like why do I pay for these services if you're still going to advertise, track, or datamine? I know the answer is greed, why profit off of one option when you can profit off of all of them, but I, the consumer, am fed up with the customer abuse.

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  • Lemmy
  • My local Lemmy instance
  • Lutris
  • KDE
  • Not sure if you want to count paying for Bitwarden

I pay a small amount monthly to each, I figure instead of paying $5-10 for Netflix or something, I'll give it instead to these fantastic folks. Most of them are going through some major service, whether that's Patreon, Paypal, whatever...I already have a credit card with my spending being tracked, I don't mind if my love for the open source community becomes a documented metric.

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MY EYES!!!!! Bless you, internet denizen

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Damn...Vimms Lair was my favorite, friggin Nintendo doing what it does best...

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I'm happy about any new features that draw more users to a federated alternative :)

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As much as it pains me to say it, I agree and am annoyed at the amount of "no, fuck Google" in response. I agree, fuck Google, but not because they're charging for a service so good that we all use it, fuck Google for its heavy user tracking of paying users. I understand it costs immensely to host the sheer amount of data that they do, and they still allow creators to have a portion of what's made from each video. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about sticking to the man and all that, but to want a website that provides the same service without any costs involved is unreasonable. Peertube is the closest solution we see, and there are still costs involved for anyone hosting a server. I hate that YouTube is our only real option and I'd love something different, but they already have all of our content, and ultimately, they're fairly reasonable with their demands (pay for our service or watch our ads). The amount of user tracking they do is what's unacceptable to me, but that's across all of their products, and I would love to see some enforcement of minimum required data.

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Wife likes modding Sims and already bought some expansions before we moved her to Linux. They actually still add some free content sometimes, so we keep the wifey happy, and hope to almighty Gaben that EA doesn't fuck things up too bad. Good news is that she knows that when things go wrong, it's 100% on EA


I apologize in advanced for this rant, as it's very heat of the moment.
I have struggled with the social aspects of social media ever since the world shifted from MySpace to Facebook. It feels like I can't say anything without it being contentious, and no, before you bring out the pitchforks, I don't mean "omg I said something bigoted and couldn't get away with it."
I left Facebook back in 2013 because while I was dating my now-wife, I posted a short, oozy "She said she loves me back! <3 <3" which blew up into some weird thing in our respective communities, from people at her church throwing a fit, her best friend ending up in tears that she wasn't told first, her youth pastor bringing it up in class, people in my life that didn't know her complaining that either they had planned on dating me or "why don't you date someone more local?".
From that moment, I felt like the magic of conversing online was truly dead, that nothing could be said without needless ramification.
I had not posted since then on any media, passively and quietly enjoying Reddit posts, scouring Instagram, and sharing funny or thought-provoking posts with my partner. Along came Lemmy, with all of the magic of the internet of old, and fellow nerdlings ready to discuss any tech or fandom my little heart could desire. A smaller group of folks, who know that in order to help keep the community alive, you should make an effort to be an active participant.
So I did.
Granted, I have not posted much (and before you go digging through my posts to see what scandalous things that I've said, note that this is not my only account, so this isn't a datapool of only a handful of posts), but I've been trying to make an effort to join the discussion. Now, in real life, people have described me as charismatic and likeable, though it feels awkward to say it of myself, so you can imagine my surprise when the majority of my comments were responded to with rage, taking a flippant remark and mad that I didn't come with sources and thorough research, or angry that I wouldn't be on some bandwagon about what the best (name of function) company is.
I've seen several (no, I'm not including sources currently) posts on Lemmy regarding how to raise user engagement, and at the time of reading them, I got all excited and on-board with wanting to raise engagement, but with my recent experiences, I can no longer blame anyone that chooses not to participate. It's all too easy for text to be misconstrued - where inflection and tonality of voice is missed. People are mad, and rightfully so, about anything, it could be the state of the world, your local governments, how someone else on the internet treated you, or your experience with a particular product, but I am a random person trying to make light conversation on a public platform. I am not your enemy, though I can't blame others for assuming the worst of anything on the internet, a history of trolls and malicious actors have turned us into this.
I miss getting excited, rather than anxious, when I see that I have a reply.
I've seen great conversation on this platform, I know it's out there, and I know Lemmy has a wonderful, intelligent, supportive, and amazing community, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. How can we, as people, remediate this conversational tension.
Thank you in advanced, and I love you all


I've enjoyed the fact that there is theming in Lemmy, but I just wanted to make an appreciation post for the Dark Vaporwave theme and a big thanks to our Admins for adding it to this instance.

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