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So I was around during this time and yes ads did play a part in this, but not like you think. The ads where how these companies planned to pay for the sat nav data (came on a DVD). They had restaurant and gas station suggestion with the same detour "feature".

Fun part is that it fell apart quick since almost no one updated there sat nav and you can still get a 2008 acura with recommendations for places long long gone. Its also fun to see people talking about Zagat rated places on forums from the time.


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Thanks I hate it. Also not even new, this shit was what killed in dash sat navs....

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You can use less washy words. For example you can say "a woman has been accused of a hate crime, if these alligatons are true then..."

The way these stories are written now not only use the "allegedly" they also tend to use language that down plays the event.

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"possible hate crime".....

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Well I did call him the Giant Tiger Dr. Evil but no one got the reference.

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Space Launch System (SLS) is a joint project of Roketdyne, Boeing and ~~Lockheed~~ Northrop Grumman. My issue is that Boeing is not getting enough shit and the other two are not even known.

edit, got Northrop and lockeed mixed up.

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Yeah, but NASA does not actually make rockets anymore. All of these companies get money from NASA not instead of NASA.

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Its the Costco store brand, not really relating it to a city in a foreign nation. But the reason bazos is Temu brand is just since its funny. Feel free to call them brand Dr. evils though.

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Same for Boeing, Rocketdyne, Northrop Grumman and the like. Why are they getting a pass?

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Blue Origin

From what I can find At least $2.5 billion. So maybe kirkland branded Dr. Evil (musk) is better at spending then Temu Dr. Evil.


So the prompt I used was:

"The best space program ever made showing off what it can do. No space shuttle can be in the picture as it was a failed project. BING NO SHUTTLES. NO SHUTTLE! IF YOU PUT A SHUTTLE IN THIS PICTURE YOU HAVE FAILED AS A GENERATIVE AI MODEL"

Not salty at all.......


So with this weeks challenge I asked the bingilator:

"A banana that is part Banana and also part banana that contains no monkey"

But here is what I got:


Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I have noticed over the last few months my feed(?) has started to act odd.

No matter what I do I don't see any posts from .world. I checked and mander does not seem to block .world (kinda why I liked this instance) and even weirder is how my feed gets filled with mostly .ml posts with almost no activity no matter how I sort.

This did not happen before and got me thinking, I don't even know how this works across federated instances.

Does anyone know:

  • How does the sorting work on an instance? Is it all the same no matter what instance it is?

  • Did anything change in the last few months, that would cause all .world (and I assume others) posts to not show?

  • Other then changing instances what can I do to mitigate the weird slanted results?


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The Wrong Sailor Moon

I want to see more Sailor Moons, but ones that are all "wrong" in some way. I want to see the dark doppelganger of Sailor Moon, the just left of normal.


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Had a bunch of odd and funny leftovers from this weeks challenge.


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Role Description

This is a part-time on-site volunteer role at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto, ON. As a volunteer, you will be responsible for assisting with various tasks and providing support to the staff. This may include helping customers find products, restocking shelves, organizing inventory, and maintaining a clean and organized store environment. Your role as a volunteer is crucial in ensuring that our customers have a positive and seamless shopping experience.


More extras from this weeks challenge


Had some extras from this weeks challenge that I wanted to share.


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Update, yes there are snipers:

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