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I don't understand. Can you use it in context?

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I'm ready for our first female president!

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Yeah we good. The fix was ezpz and even a company with several thousand servers should be up now. End user workstations may take more effort, but it's a 5 min fix per user.

Honestly this was half as stressful as Print Nightmare was, from an IT perspective.

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Are you under the impression that you have to enter a Bitlocker key during each boot?

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Howso? It still requires authentication, same as if the laptop booted normally.

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Get a recruiter. Their job is to get you a job, and their commission depends on how high your salary is. They're typically free.

I've used Robert Half in the past and was happy with them.

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Took me a few hours to figure this out, figured I'd pass it along. Forgive formatting, I'm on mobile.

How to Bypass Bitlocker for Crowdstrike BSoD

Only use this if the Bitlocker key is lost.

 From the Bitlocker screen, select Skip This Drive. A command prompt will appear.

Type bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network and press Enter.

Type Exit to exit the command prompt, then select Shut Down

Hardwire the device to the network

Login as an admin account

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Crowdstrike and delete C:\windows\system32\drivers\crowdstrike\c-00000291-*.sys

Win+R to open the Run menu, then type msconfig and press Enter

Go to Boot

Uncheck the box for SafeBoot

You will receive a warning about Bitlocker. Proceed.

Click OK and you will be prompted to restart. Do so.

Have the user login

Test their access to files

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Nair doesn't destroy hair, it just makes it fall out of your body. It wouldn't help a clogged drain.

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I'm concerned that crackdowns on pirating will come sooner or later. At some point it may become too much of a hassle. So I'm hoarding a lifetime of old movies and games to hold me over.

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There's typically zero interest on Buy Now Pay Later scams fwiw, including Zip.

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What has your recruiter suggested?


I have a host name whose dns points to my home IP. I use this for game servers for my buddies. Should I be worried about my home IP being easily accessible like this, and should I get a physical firewall appliance to protect myself?

Servers are running Windows Server 2019 and Mac OSX.


I'm new to manga and have read the above. I get hooked on the cat and mouse of "How will our protagonist overcome it this time?". Any manga recommendations like this?

Of the above, Berserk was my favorite. Beefy men are a plus.

Thanks ahead of time!


I have a raspberry Pi 4B that is connected to a CRT TV via Composite and controlled with a PS4 controller. I'd like to use the Pi for Netflix, Plex client, and playing DVDs from an ext drive. What distro would be best for this?

I tossed Retro Pi onto it and the controls work great but I can't figure out how to install the media apps.


I'm taking a long biking trip soon and want to share my live location with my boyfriend in case something happens. Any recommendations for privacy-focused apps that can accomplish this? I'm on Android, he's on iOS.


I have a 5 year old cat that I adopted 3 years ago, and I'd like to get him a companion but I'm struggling to identify the characteristics I should look for. Can anyone offer advice?

He's a rugged old soul. He loves playing with my 2 year old dog but otherwise just lounges around nearby but not touching - typical Russian Blue. He does try to clean and cuddle the dog, but the pup doesn't understand and runs away. He was actively cuddling with other cats at the shelter when I adopted him so I think he'll do well with a housemate.

I've met a few shelter cats this week but I'm stressing about identifying which would be a good fit. Are male and female both a good bet? Would it be best to get a kitten, an older cat, or somewhere in between? Playful or extremely lazy, or a lap cat?

I know I'll be happy with any choice, so I'm mostly focused on finding a good match for my Russian Blue. Thanks.


Copilot sounds amazing on paper. The free (to 365 subs) version on the web is just Chat GPT4, so that's familiar enough. The integration with 365 applications is really what grabs me. Stuff like tossing it 10 spreadsheets and asking it to analyze and compare the data, having a virtual assistant to remind me of upcoming actionables, and summarizing a meeting when I zone out - it all sounds really handy.

I met with Microsoft last week and they're down for giving me a 90 day trial if I want to take it for a spin. Any thoughts or suggestions? I ideally want to determine if this will improve productivity for my end users enough to be worth the insane cost of $30/user/mo.


I played Warhammer Fantasy in the 2000s and it was a highlight of my adolescence. I'm finally in a stable enough position to rekindle my love of collecting and painting miniatures, and hopefully joining in on a wargame. Are there any good fantasy options these days?

I see that Warhammer Fantasy is completely gone, and Warhammer: The Old World is just kicking off but has very limited races. 40k and Age of Sigmar aren't appealing to me - I prefer high Fantasy.

Any tips for where I should look? I'm in a major city so I'm sure I can find a game of anything remotely popular. Should I just wait for The Old World to release more races and pick up in popularity? I'd love to play elves or anything similar. Thanks ahead of time.

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Help! My live-in partner of 3 years has too many clothes and it's overrunning our house. We live in a two bedroom condo with only two closets in the entire unit, and there's just not enough space.

At last count (2 years ago) there was over 300 articles of clothing - shirts, pants, jackets. There is constantly piles of clothes everywhere, clean and dirty, and nowhere to put them. They wear multiple outfits each day and throw them on the floor in the evening.

2 years ago I bought a few Ikea clothing containers to slide under the bed, and those are packed full of folded shirts that are never worn. And they just keep buying more.

I've spoken with them about this multiple times and they say that they'll get rid of some of the clothes, but never did.

On the flip side, I have four pairs of pants, a few shorts, around a dozen shirts and a suit.

What can I do?

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I'm a transman who has been on T since 2011. I've recently begun experiencing bleeding despite good T levels. My doctor suggested hysterectomy, but that is not in line with my transition goals. Have any of you gotten an endometrial ablation instead? I've read studies out of medical colleges reporting good results for transmen. It seems like an easy outpatient procedure on paper.

Edit: Spoke with my doctor and she doubled my T. If bleeding doesn't stop within 3 months she's recommending me for the surgery.

Edit 3 months later: Increasing T gel worked


Can anyone hop into Duos with me and help me Craft an Expired Ally Banner? It should only take a few minutes.

Nude sauna advice (

I'm a transguy who transitioned in the 2000s and have had top surgery. I toured a gym that has a beautiful sauna, steam room, and hot tub that I'd like to join, but clothes are not permitted in any of the above. I'm worried about running into trouble if I go naked.

The gym is like a Jewish YMCA and is adamantly LGBTQ+ friendly and even has reminders in the locker room that the space welcomes everyone. I asked the girl giving the tour about my concerns and she said to just wear a towel if I'm not comfortable, but I'm still a bit uncertain.

Do any of you guys go to nude men-only areas? Any tips?

I'm sure I won't get assaulted because I'm a tough looking guy that most folks wouldn't fuck with, but I don't want to invite trouble.

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