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Except there are other companies working on this problem that don’t come with the baggage Musk brings with him.

One is even looking at using veins to insert the microchip.


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He’s probably rolling in his grave at the enshittification of reddit now too

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This is republican assholes wanting to protect their oil wealth. Has nothing to do with workers.

Imagine actively destroying the place your kids live to get more money. They’re psychopaths

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It would be easier to get trump to respect the gag order he’s under in his court cases

The whole reason Netanyahu won’t stop this war is because the second he does he’s removed from office by their courts.

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We’re not. Biden is.

If he actually was worried he’d look at the polls and call for a ceasefire.

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Because 30% of the country actively want him to be our dictator.

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Wait. So the cop mayor finally does one thing right with his out of control police force, and is immediately sued by a bunch of roided up angry cops?

Checks out.

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This sounds like a person who’s non-binary and trying to explain it to someone who isn’t.

Unfortunately fox news doesn’t want to understand. They want to mock and bulky.

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It will still eventually end.
And the fact that you don’t understand this shows me you’re one of those people i never want to meet alone in the woods.

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The fact that you don’t understand why women think the bear is safer is exactly why we’re picking it.

Let me spell it out for you - the bear will either kill me and eat me or leave me alone.

The man may try to rape me. And leave me alive with the suffering that results from that rape. And there’s a chance he may impregnate me and in many states in this country, I will not be able to abort it and will have to give birth to it, which is another assault on my body.

I would rather just be eaten. At least in that case the pain ends.

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Someone higher up this thread linked an article that singular they has been in use since the 14th century

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Sadly this means nothing unless it’s enshrined in law and we get a new, not fascist supreme court.

And neither party currently supports doing this.

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