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Confirmed it's working again, thank you so much!

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Idk about turned to shit.

Seems like people that have decided it's a serious place when it isn't killing the vibe more often lately though, which sucks.

Smoke weed or don't, but enjoy the place or move on IMO.

(This isn't specific to you, just a general recommendation.)

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A bit of friendly fire?

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Come on don't be a P'takh.

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What are you doing step-captain?

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I see what you're saying. Something that takes the edge off at the end of a stressful day of hard decisions about your crew would still be very powerful though. Like a weighted blanket of Vulcan clarity and calmness and that satisfied feeling like you just finished your favorite home cooked meal.

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A likely story. She couldn't resist the perfectly balanced notes of light and dark roasts constantly wafting around the ship, tantalizing her palette. I've seen the way she looks when someone brings Tuvix onboard. Like a woman possessed.

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Nah. Janeway would call it weak and pour it out.

Janeway's coffee is made from ground up ~~steel~~Tuvix.

Mmmmmmm such an exotic blend.

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Format stolen from tenforward as is tradition.

We need a Klingon mascot (I MEAN WARRIOR) like Martok doing segments for weedtime but idk who would be a good fit. Somebody nerdier than me get high and figure it out and report back with memes. Please/thank you/smoke weed everyday.

Glory to the marijuana (
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Get your blood boiling with the weed of a WARRIOR!

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Future weedtime lulz

Edit: Your meme is now property of the Weedtime Empire. GLORY TO MARY JANE!

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Awesome, thank you for all the continued work!

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Can't arrest me if you can't see me?


My Lemmy app updated today and broke image posting. This is my first ever post from the webui and I hate it.

That is all. (I'm smoking weed about it)

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