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Middle earth dhadow of war if I am not mistaken

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Actually a more efficient electric heater. This is known as an heat pump, aka reverse AC

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Any advice for someone who just graduated but never did any real work due to the same problems (gifted but adhd). I just finished college but I just struggle so hard with the job aspect.

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F these haters. Glad you are doing this for us and it's not like anyone else is posting it.

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Thank you for posting either way!!

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Great song and great message, thanks for sharing

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I love how in Sea Of Thieves, the lgbt flag is the ultimate pvp flag, nothing is more intimidating than the gays.

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I really found this out while writing my essay. If I wanted to I could interpret it slightly differently, resulting in totally different results.

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I deal with this a lot and it is really making my (work) life a lot harder. Any advice on how to break through that blockade?

I find that I always start sounding to defense which makes me sounds even more guilty (atleast I think so)

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Like thanks for the death/dead callout but lets be real, thta was clearly a typo and I really don't care enough about my random lemmy comment to double check constantly

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Way too busy in life but sounds interesting and I hope it turns out well.

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I think it could be quite interesting (if done well). Creepy atmosphere, a fisherman all alone, haunted by the guilt he feels about his death wife.

I get thta most people are a bit weary but lets hope it turns out good.

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