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What types of exhibits are in the overfartsmeseum? Shart pants??

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Damn wokeness! This is how modern society is destroyed

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tbf these rats actually hit kinda hard

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I have no idea what they do but I create a lot of them. I like the icon

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Yo, little help here?

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Problem is, you only have like, 3 free trials. After that you need a new account

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ncdu is like Filelight but for terminal. It’s awesome!

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The meta feels slower here.

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That’s how I say factorial though I just yell

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Last I heard they’re only available in parts of US and UK. Maybe also try the search labs?

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“The German cockroach can’t even fly,” Qian Tang, lead author of the study and an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University,

I dunno about that

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I’ve been thinking about getting a black cat after graduation. I want to pick a black cat cuz I think they’re pretty cool. So might as well think of a name first rather than giving them one when I am actually carrying them home.

One of my friends has given me the name “Murphy” and I think that’s actually kinda cool, like 4 out of 5. I was thinking Inky, Pancake, and Filigraph (if the cat is striped). What do you think about the names? Are there any other cool names?

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