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A community for transfeminine people and experiences.

This is a supportive community for all transfeminine or questioning people. Anyone is welcome to participate in this community but disrupting the safety of this space for trans feminine people is unacceptable and will result in moderator action.

Debate surrounding transgender rights or acceptance will result in an immediate ban.

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It's been around a month since I started questioning my gender. I'm really confused on all of this, seeing a therapist would help but that's not an option for me at the moment (don't want to go into details about that here). Biggest source of confusion for me is the fact that there are some strong signs that I'm trans but at the same time I don't feel like a woman (nor anything othet than a man). Does this happen to trans women before egg crack or any form of transitioning? This question is a huge roadblock for me at the moment in terms of questioning, it feels like I won't get anywhere with this without finding amswer to it. It probably won't be final answer to everything but even if I'm trans transitioning would't be safe for 4-5 years so I have enough time to explore my identity.

Edit: Thank you all for responding, it's really helpful. Now I'm a bit more sure that I'm trans but I'll try to experiment in a safe way until I'm able to talk with therapist about this.

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It's not a take, it's straight transphobia.